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April 16,2021

The Swift Movement…


How the Swift Movement began… 

“When I have my own company, I’m going to call it Swift Movement”, I said, matter-of-factly.

People laughed at me. I wasn’t surprised. They felt my Taylor Swift obsession had gotten way out of hand. There was also some backlash on the name though, as a lot of people didn’t quite understand it. So I put it off.

It was part way through 2015 when I first contemplated having my own business. In theory it sounded cool, but practically, I had very little idea about the intricacies of business. So I decided to spend the next 2.5 years building on my technical, professional and personal skill-set, and will continue to do so each and every week.

So why Swift Movement Academy (SMA)?
I believe that Swift Movement is functional movement. I believe that without quality movement foundations, we will never come close to reaching our full potential. That’s why I’m so passionate about Swift Movement Academy and what it represents.


As an Exercise Physiologist, my primary role involves using exercise to prevent injuries, improve performance and accelerate rehabilitation. What I have learnt in my years as a professional extends well beyond teaching high quality, pain free, strong, swift movements. It has taught me to be swift in my processes and swift in my delivery, swift in my actions and swift in my adjustments.

I created the Swift Movement Academy to build and cultivate a tribe of like-minded individuals in pursuit of their goals through health and wellness across all aspects of life.

Its aim is to educate, rehabilitate and most importantly to empower individuals through health and beyond.

What is the Swift Movement Academy?
Right now, Swift Movement Academy is me, Zenia Wood, using movement to impact the lives of others through my role as an Exercise Physiologist. In the long term though, my vision for Swift Movement Academy is to improve the lives of as many individuals as possible through building strong, resilient humans. Making positive community change means understanding that the community is bigger than you are. It is for these reasons that Swift Movement Academy was born.

I need a team, and this team starts with you.

team you.jpg

As our community grows, the plan is to build on these foundations. Each layer will add value and content to all who decide to become a part of this Academy. Our Academy. I will bring in experts from all areas and facilitate the growth of individuals through every aspect of their lives.


Now I want to make one thing clear. This Academy is NOT an athletes club. It’s for the single parent of 3 who exercises to stay sane whilst juggling a household; the young professional who is wanting to climb the ladder in their industry; the 20 something who wants to feel confident when they look in the mirror; the developing, semi or professional athlete who is pursuing performance.

It is for anyone who has ever had goals to improve their current situation in life or push themselves to become stronger, more resilient humans. Ready and willing to tackle the these challenges life throws at us. If you’re reading this, Swift Movement Academy is for you.

How can I be a part of it?
Good news. You already are! All I ask of from you is if you feel this content is adding value to your life in any way, shape or form, that you share it with others and add value to theirs. It is in this way that we can affect change.

So here goes nothing. Here we officially launch the #SwiftMovementAcademy


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