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Our system is tried and tested.
We're here to rehab you... Not just for now, but for life.

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the goal is SO MUCH MORE THAN just temporary relief


If you're just as sick of quick fixes as we are, you're in the right place!

We get that it can feel like you've exhausted all of your options, but we're here to tell you that you haven't until you've tried us.

We know you're here because you're sick of being held back by injury...

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rehab. Reimagined.


 The Swift Experience

rehab. Reimagined.


(BOOTH ET AL,2000)

the swift difference

old school rehab


Short term relief

No support outside of sessions

Can't support performance goals

Minimal to no staff development

Educating with fear tactics

The "See How You Go" approach

Pen + paper programs

Only a few rehab exercises

No change in habits

Fixing you not just for now, but for life

24/7 support

Support out of pain + into performance

3+hrs/week of coach upskiling

Educating to empower

Clearly defined timelines

App based video programming

Full weekly exercise + rehab program

Building long term sustainable habits

Focusing on what you can't do

rehab. Reimagined.

Life Changing


 The Swift Experience

rehab. Reimagined.

..we're assessing

While our competitors are guessing...

- Bill

When I began training I had back pain and struggled to squat, now after three months my back pain is gone and I'm surpassing the expectations I had for myself all thanks to guidance and programming. As coaches they come across as very driven and this shows in their determination to do everything they can to push you beyond your goals. I often recommend Swift to my friends and colleagues whether is to help with injury or reach fitness goals.

"I'M SURPassing the expectations i had for myself all thanks to GUIDANCE and programming."


Not only am I physically stronger but I am a whole lot more resilient to challenges inside and out of the gym. I originally started seeing [Swift] to prevent the injuries I was getting playing sport and I have definitely noticed an improvement from our sessions. Easy to get along with and they push you to reach your goals without judgement; a professional and experts in their field.

"I started sessions just over a year ago and could not be happier with the results!"

- Oliver

[Swift] has helped me achieve enormous weight loss goals and getting fitter in record time (I've lost close to 60kg in 6 months)! She is very professional and very patient and takes into account my physical limitations, such as my pre-existing lower back pain, which is now completely gone

"I'd highly recommend Swift Movement Academy. don't hesitate to contact them!"

- Ricky Calder - Personal Trainer

Fast forward 10 months and my revenue has increased almost 5 fold, I am now working out of 2 locations and with clients across the globe.
While the mentorship taught me how to manage my money better, create time saving systems, and how to streamline processes, the most impactful part of it was learning to value myself and my service. Every week Zen would reinforce use with praise making sure we knew our worth. The past 14 months haven't been easy but the Swift Business Mentorship has taught me how to deal with the tough times and how to thrive in them and for that, I will be forever grateful.

"When I first started working in the health and fitness industry I had some major struggles."

- Keith Downing - Personal Trainer + Massage Therapist

My average 2021 revenue was $5,528/month.

In January of 2021, my business (which at the time was a side-hustle), made $527. In my first four months after leaving the clinic and becoming my own boss in august of 2021, my business has averaged $11,075 per month in revenue. Looking back, I feel like I certainly couldn't have done it on my own, but Zenia gave me the space and the confidence to believe I could.

"When I started with Zenia I was working at a clinic, with a boss I was very much not a fan of."

We are University Qualified Rehab and Performance Experts with over 20 years of experience working in the field.

From coaching the Newcastle Knights and Professional Bodybuilders to new Mums and CEOs, we understand rehab and the spectrum of performance to tailor your coaching to your unique goals. 

The Swift difference


We EDUCATE our staff and our clients on not just the what and the how but the WHY behind everything that we do. This means weekly staff development covering everything from running assessments, programming and coaching through to creating rehab guidelines and analyzing case studies so that no matter who your coach is, you know your results are the collective efforts of Swift Staff over years of development to build our signature Swift Programs.


We pride ourselves on not just being thorough with our REHABILITATION through evidence-based research, but by blending this with what we've personally tried and tested with 100s of clients before you. Rehab can seem overwhelming and we get it. You aren't rehab experts, but we are. Let us take the stress out of your rehab and join a program with trusted university professionals. 


Arguably the most important pillar is EMPOWERMENT. Of course we have the skills to get you there, but without a community, support, sustainable lifestyle changes, mindset shifts and habit building, there's very little chance people succeed (and can successfully manage their pain) long-term. We set you up for success not just physically, but mentally too.


How it works

are you our next life-changing success story?


most HEALTH professionals

30 Minute Session

45 Minute 1on1 Session With Your Coach 

Programmed Sessions For Outside Your 1on1

15 Minute Personalised Programmed Prehab (Warm Up)

Complete Individualised Programs


Your Coaches Number (contact OUTSIDE of sessions)

Ongoing Education (that you actually understand)

Emergency Plans (in case of flare ups)

We attend your other Allied Health Sessions with you

Movement Coaching through Exercise

Technique Analysis

Habit Building Support Systems

Private Health Rebates Available 

Supports Enhanced Primary Care Plans (EPC) from your GP

That's it!?

Not all rehab
is created equal

Swift Difference

What you pay for...

What's included:

confidence in your rehab


Learn about the swift process here

Complimentary 1 on 1 call with a rehab expert



The Deep Dive Call is where we will ask a series of questions to gather as much info as required to confidently support you in achieving your goals. If we decide we are unable to help, we have an incredible network of referral partners who we can pass you onto so you aren't left in the dark and we can start actioning your plan of attack immediately.

If you are serious about transforming your life and are ready to stop letting your body get in the way of living your best life, this is the first step!

Pinpoint the Root of Your Pain and Bulletproof Your Body Once and For All

Complete Exploration Of Your Injury History

Get All Your Questions Answered

Objectively Test Your Movement Using Our World Class Equipment

Full Body Biomechanical Assessment

Our comprehensive rehab testing isolates your movements and pinpoints the root cause of your pain, providing all the insight we need to build you a personalised pathway out of pain, not just for now, but for for life. 

During your rehab reset, we utilise world class equipment & technology to identify your strengths, weaknesses and blindspots, creating a rehab plan that gets you out of pain and back to feeling your best. 


Outline Your Personalised Rehab Pathway With Us


In the first 6 weeks we address all of your individual mobility restrictions and reduce as much of your pain as possible. This is so much more than just stretches. It's about creating new movement patterns that benefit your body specifically through guided exercise you perform without aggravating your injuries.

YOUR FIRST 12 weeks


Begin Building Productive Habits to Improve Both Physically + Mentally

Retrain Movement Patterns for Stronger, Safer Training

Improve Your Mobility Restrictions

Phase One

In your second block we start to challenge your body (and mindset) through graded exposure to your previously aggravating activities (with much less and often no pain). At the end of this phase you graduate from rehab and are ready to move into resilience!

weeks 13-24


Phase Two

Build Upon Foundational Movement Patterns

Gradual Return to Previously Aggravating Activities

Re-Test Your Mobility + Strength Metrics

This is out most important phase. We believe that strong bodies are resilient bodies (and so does science)! This takes TIME and we help you every step of the way to stay out of pain and perform at your peak.



Phase Three

Constantly Evolving Programming According to Your Progress 

Maintenance of Prehab to Avoid Re-Injury

Resilience Building Through Strength + Conditioning Principles


but don't just take our word for it...

WITH OVER 70                       GOOGLE REVIEWS,

but don't just take our word for it...

WITH OVER 50                       GOOGLE REVIEWS,

We care about you, performing back at your best (and beyond).

So what does working with our truly supportive team of Health Professionals look like?


24/7 Coach Access via WhatsApp for Support, Questions + Video Feedback

Individualised Programming on Your Swift App

Weekly 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions with University Qualified Experts

Weekly 1-on-1 Coaching with University Qualified Experts

Individualised Programming on Your Swift App

24/7 Support, Questions Answered and Video Feedback via WhatsApp

Regular Re-Assessments using World Class Equipment

Advanced Training Technologies

Prehab Mobility Equipment Pack

UNLIMITED program Reviews

Emergency plans (incase of flare ups)

Advanced Training Technologies using Progressive Techniques

Regular Re-Assessments using World Class Equipment 



= $28, 610

Prehab Mobility Equipment Pack

UNLIMITED Program Revisions

Emergency Plans (incase of flare ups)

ready to fix your body not just for now, but for life?

From just $19 a day!

Ask us how you can get
12 WEEKS FREE with your personalised Rehab and Wellness plan!

Ask us how you can get 12 WEEKS FREE when you sign up for 12 months with your personalised Rehab and Wellness plan!

limited time only

Ask us how you can get
12 WEEKS FREE when you sign up for 12 months with your personalised Rehab and Wellness plan!

Ask us how you can get 12 WEEKS FREE with your personalised Rehab and Wellness plan!

limited time only

OUR guarAntee

We are committed to getting results with everyone we work with, and we stand by that. For this reason, we only take on those who we are confident we can genuinely help.

In the unlikely scenario that if after your week 12 re-assessment you haven't improved (either objectively or subjectively), you have the ability to cancel the remainder of our agreement and walk away.

We're THAT confident in our ability to help you get out of pain and into performance, that we're willing to put it all on the line and take away the risk for you.

By doing it this way, you have absolutely nothing to lose. 


What is the first step to see if this is right for me?

Fill out this screening Questionnaire. From there we will determine if you are a good fit with a Deep Dive Call with one of our Rehab Experts. If we are confident we can help you, we will book you in for your Rehab Reset. This is where we go through your full body Biomechanical Movement Screening, Mobility Testing and Strength Analysis using the AxIT System. We will also cover any specific injury testing that is required.

What's included in the Program? 

Every client receives:
• A complete Individualised training Program for your entire week including your training outside of your 1 on 1 sessions with your coach (including all prehab/warm up drills and cardio specifically tailored to your goals)
• at least 1x 45min session face to face in our Gym in Coorparoo (or virtual coaching) each and every week
• Video technique analysis + communication with your Coach directly via WhatsApp outside of session times
• Frequent correspondence with your current Health team (e.g. Physio, Dietitian, GP)

Can I come in to your facility in person for my 45 Deep Dive call?

We do all of our Deep Dive calls remotely, regardless of where you live. We have limited availability in the gym and reserve these times for our current in person coaching sessions.

If you're local, your initial Rehab Reset (after the 45min Deep Dive Call) will still be in person, we just want to make sure you're a good fit by chatting over the phone first.

Can you explain how the Program works?

Our Rehab and Performance Program is broken up into 3 distinct phases.
- Phase 1: Restore: Building Rock Solid Foundations 
- Phase 2: Rebuild: Integration Training 
- Phase 3: Resilience: Building Strong, Resilient Bodies in our longest, but most important phase

Our Performance Program is individually designed based around you!
The purpose of this is to identify your goals, set targets and work backwards with you to periodise your individualised programming from there.

Previously, I've been told to stop training. Do I have to stop training to do this Program? 

Absolutely not! Science tells us that Exercise is Medicine, so we use this to help you find ways to move your body whilst rehabilitating it through mobility and strengthening exercises. In most cases, stopping training entirely is actually detrimental to your results. 

I'm currently doing a Group Training Program. Do I have to give that up? 

While we may need to modify things, we encourage most clients to continue doing both to support their goals if it is something they love and wish to continue.

Can I still join the Program if I'm not injured or requiring Rehab? I just want good coaching!

Absolutely. Our Performance Program is the best option to work with us is this is you!

I don't live in Brisbane. Can I still work with you?

Yes! We have been successfully coaching virtually for 5+ years. Our Program is exactly the same (except instead of you coming into our gym for your 1 on 1 sessions, we Zoom into your gym with you and coach you live through your headphones and phone camera). Cool right!?

Why is your Program inclusive?

We believe the current Healthcare model is broken. Traditional healthcare services (based on the time you pay to sit in front of them) are outdated and quite frankly, suck for both you and us.

Our inclusive services truly support you throughout the entirety of the Program - not just when you're booked in for your weekly session. Frequent touch points and the ability to ask questions outside of session times is what gets our clients amazing results (which we aren't willing to sacrifice)! 

How long is the Program?

To get you out a state of persistent pain (or ongoing niggles and recurrent setbacks) that is impacting your training and daily life and into a space where you are not just pain-free but truly performing, takes a minimum of 12 weeks.

12 weeks is our "Intro" Program, however most people choose to start with 12 months to really get back to doing what they love unrestricted.

Can I choose my session frequency?

We offer a minimum of one session per week for the duration of your membership, with the opportunity to have multiple sessions per week. We have found that anything less, produces less of a result (and we aren't willing to sacrifice your results)!

Can I just sign up for part of the Program?

We have found that sporadic or infrequent sessions give sporadic and infrequent results. Since implementing minimum timeframes with our clients, their results have sky-rocketed. We aren't willing to compromise on your incredible long-term results either.

I just want a One-off Assessment but am not interested in your coaching services. Is this possible? 

We are taking a stand in the Healthcare Sector and giving band-aid quick-fixes the flick for good. One-off sessions are not something we believe benefits anyone when it comes to building resilient bodies (and we want you to be resilient AF). 

Is there a trial period where I can just see how I go?

We have found that just 'seeing how you go' allows clients to opt-out when things get hard (and we've unfortunately seen this far too many times before). This is the primary reason why many of our clients come to us - because they haven't yet gotten the long-term results they so desperately desire.

We totally understand you may feel a little nervous about committing to 6 months though. That's is why we go through a 45min Complimentary Deep Dive followed by our Rehab Reset Testing Experience, so we can get to know each other before making a commitment.


We are committed to getting results with everyone we work with. For this reason, we only take on those who we are confident we can genuinely help. In the unlikely scenario that there are no improvements seen (either objectively or subjectively) within your first 12 weeks with us, you have the ability to cancel the remainder of the contract and walk away. We would also of course, refer you on in this scenario to ensure you receive the support you need.

Why is there a Strength + Conditioning component to your Rehab program? Do I have to do that part too? 

Strength and Conditioning builds resilience and the scientific evidence is clear that building a strong, resilient body through Strength and Conditioning is essential to preventing further/repeat injury long-term. Without this component to our program, we see clients fall into the vicious cycle of getting out of pain and then getting re-injured. We are here to break that cycle and fix you not just for now, but for life.

Do you offer A discount if I pay upfront?

We sure do!

What if I don't have the money right now?

We have payment plans available for those who are ready to join the Program now, but don't have the funds to pay it all upfront.

Defined as being able to move freely and unrestricted, mobility forms the foundation of human movement. 

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