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This mentorship is for you if:

You're tired of feeling like you're not qualified, even though you totally are!

The thought of sifting through research articles makes you want to poke yourself in the eye...

You're super eager to learn but have no idea where to start... 

You crave community and could definitely use a little accountability!

Cookie cutter, tick and flick courses (with no support) just isn't our thing.

We are here to guide you through the process of becoming an incredible exercise professional. 

Don't Worry!

"The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself"

From Plyometrics and Power to Hypertrophy and the Cardiovascular Systems - we cover the fundamental principles of Strength and Conditioning at a deeper level.

Training Principles


Starting with the basics and building a working knowledge of pulleys, cables, cams, levers and free weights to utilise each of these to your advantage.


Breaking functional anatomy right down to easily identify muscle functions and actions and then levelling up through practical application.


Taking the guesswork out of programming by starting with a solid understanding of the client in front of you.


Introducing new concepts and principles of periodisation, recovery and coaching to reframe how you think about programming.

Key movements

Analysing the intricacies of the standard 4 movements like you've never done before: Push, Pull, Hinge and Squat.

In just 6 short months you'll have all the skills to level up your coaching in a whole new way

Course Curriculum

Looking back, I wish this was the course I’d taken first because I feel like I probably wouldn’t have needed as many courses if I’d just taken this one. It’s been the most rewarding, challenging and it’s really pushed me out of my comfort zone in the best way possible

Keith Downing

It’s not just your normal course, it involves hard work [but] I can honestly say I’ve become so much more confident in my abilities!

Ainsley Perry

I’ve learnt so much that’s been simplified… I’ve been able to apply in my clinical practice and get amazing results with them. One of the best things I love about this Mentorship is Zen gives you truthful, honest feedback... which makes you think critically about why you did the things that you did.

Kev Vuong

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If you are a motivated, Dedicated coach, but you know you want support to grow and be challenged to LEVEL UP... Our 6 Month Educational Mentorship is the solution you've been looking for.

you want to feel confident in your abilities as a coach

you know how helpful accountability is when committing to continued development

you'd love a team of like-minded coaches to regularly bounce ideas off 

you're ready to challenge yourself to grow

Is the educational Mentorship for ME?

you might be wondering...

Don't just take my word for it

Real students getting Real results

Graduating uni I assumed I'd be ready to conquer the world and get incredible results with everyone... but I still felt like an imposter.

I walked out of uni and into a big commercial gym as the youngest of 23 Personal Trainers. It was like walking into the Lion's Den. I was literally getting eaten alive by these experienced PTs and my degree wasn't going to save me. What I realised is that I'd just spent 4 years hiding behind textbooks and listening to lectures, yet barely any time was actually spent in the trenches. Deflated was the understatement of the year. I knew I so desperately needed to be learning in a team, getting hands-on and debating topics with other professionals.

Meet your Educator

...But I felt embarrassed by the things I didn't know (but thought I was supposed to). Instead of asking "stupid" questions, I just keep my mouth shut. This resulted in me going home, studying for hours and ending up more confused than when I started. Being upfront about the things I didn't know was incredibly hard, but was essential if I wanted to develop my skills. I was done with playing it safe.

So I invested time each and every week in developing my skills and asking all of the "stupid" questions. It was hard, but like with most challenges we face in life, it was also what made me a stronger coach. Investing in my own education was the single most important element in my career's success. Week on week I was achieving better, faster client results and I actually felt confident as a coach.

At this time something shifted within me. I stood taller. I spoke with conviction. I was articulating concepts more clearly. For the first time ever, I actually felt like I knew what I was doing. It was at this time that people started coming to me for advice and I began educating. Personal trainers at first, then Exercise Physiologists, Physiotherapists and other Allied Health. 

Fast forward and over 6 years later I feel I truly understand not just what coaches want, but actually need to be successful, confident practitioners. Sure, I still read 100s of research papers every year to ensure I'm always up-to-date but I don't just read about it. I live it, I breathe it and I practice it, every single week. 

Now it's your turn to become the go-to coach in your space. Let me help you.

Zenia here!
Ready to feel confident as a coach and exceed expectations!?

but what about...

Hold up, wait a minute!


You only retain 20% of what you learn in a weekend course, and there's zero opportunities to ask questions after the day. A pilates certificate (or any other 2 day course) will never give be able to give you the confidence in your skill set that comes from time and practicing. Imagine how much better you could be in 6 months time after consistent, dedicated focus to not just learning, but implementing, tweaking and refining your skills under someone who's been doing it for almost a decade. Let me tell you from someone who employs people, that what your boss really wants (way more than just another certificate) is for you to be a confident practitioner who can get fast, meaningful results with clients.


If you've completed a degree, that's at least 4 years (and even if you haven't, you wouldn't complete a trainers course if you didn't want to stay in the industry for a while). If you are truly committed to creating a long-lasting career, anything less than 6 months is barely scratching the surface in the grand scheme of your professional life.


I am committed to getting results (and those don't come from hands off DIY courses with no access to your educator). I've seen and done A LOT of courses in my time and the ones I got the most out of were the longest in duration with the most support that I invested heavily in with both my time and money. They were worth their weight in gold and I'm STILL seeing results from courses I took like this years ago.


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