Frequently asked Questions


What is the first step to see if this is right for me?

Booking your Deep Dive Call. From there we will determine if you are a good fit. If we are confident we can help you, we will book you in for your Initial Assessment. This is where we go through your full body Biomechanical Movement Screening, Mobility Testing and Strength Analysis using the AxIT System. We will also cover any specific injury testing that is required.

What's included in the Program? 

Every client receives:
• A complete Individualised Program for your entire week of training (including all prehab/warm up drills and cardio specifically tailored to your goals)
• 45min face to face in our Gym in Coorparoo (or virtual coaching) each and every week
• Video technique analysis + communication with your Coach directly via WhatsApp outside of session times
• Frequent correspondence with your current Health team (e.g. Physio, Dietitian, GP)

Can I come in to your facility in person for my 45 Deep Dive call?

We do all of our Deep Dive calls remotely, regardless of where you live. We have limited availability in the gym and reserve these times for our current in person coaching sessions.

If you're local, your initial Game Plan Assessment (after the 45min Deep Dive Call) will still be in person, we just want to make sure you're a good fit by chatting over the phone first.

Can you explain how the Program works?

Our Rehab and Performance Program is broken up into 3 distinct phases.
- Phase 1: Reset (Weeks 1 - 6): Building Rock Solid Foundations (with a Rehab Coach)
- Phase 2: Rebuild (Weeks 7 - 12): Integration Training (with a Rehab Coach)
- Phase 3: Resilience (Week 13 Onwards): Building Strong, Resilient Bodies in our longest, but most important phase (with a Performance Coach)

Our Performance Program is individually designed based around you!
The purpose of this is to identify your goals, set targets and work backwards with you to periodise your individualised programming from there (with a Performance Coach).

Previously, I've been told to stop training. Do I have to stop training to do this Program? 

Absolutely not! Science tells us that Exercise is Medicine, so we use this to help you find ways to move your body whilst rehabilitating it through mobility and strengthening exercises. In most cases, stopping training entirely is actually detrimental to your results. 

I'm currently doing a Group Training Program. Do I have to give that up? 

While we may need to modify things, we encourage most clients to continue doing both to support their goals if it is something they love and wish to continue.


Absolutely. Our 12 Month Performance Program was made for people who are sick of shitty coaching and are after quality with an unparalleled attention to detail from highly qualified experts. During this program we not only help you perform better but also ensure we are preventing injuries from happening.

I don't live in Brisbane. Can I still work with you?

Yes! We have been successfully coaching virtually for 5+ years. Our Program is exactly the same (except instead of you coming into our gym for your 1 on 1 sessions, we Zoom into your gym with you and coach you live through your headphones and phone camera). Cool right!?

Why is your Program inclusive?

We believe the current Healthcare model is broken. Traditional healthcare services (based on the time you pay to sit in front of them) are outdated and quite frankly, suck for both you and us.

Our inclusive services truly support you throughout the entirety of the Program - not just when you're booked in for your weekly session. Frequent touch points and the ability to ask questions outside of session times is what gets our clients amazing results (which we aren't willing to sacrifice)! 

How long is the Program?

To take you from a state of persistent pain that is impacting your training and daily life and into a space where you are not just pain-free but truly performing, this takes a minimum of 12 months. That's why our Rehab + Performance Program is a 12 Month Process.

Can I choose my session frequency?

We offer a minimum of one session per week for the duration of your membership. We have found that anything less, produces less of a result (and we aren't willing to sacrifice your results)!

Can I just sign up for part of the Program?

We have found that sporadic or infrequent sessions give sporadic and infrequent results. Since implementing minimum timeframes with our clients, their results have sky-rocketed. We aren't willing to compromise on your incredible long-term results either.

I just want a One-off Assessment but am not interested in your coaching services. Is this possible? 

We are taking a stand in the Healthcare Sector and giving band-aid quick-fixes the flick for good. One-off sessions are not something we believe benefits anyone when it comes to building resilient bodies (and we want you to be resilient AF). 

Is there a trial period where I can just see how I go?

We have found that just 'seeing how you go' allows clients to opt-out when things get hard (and we've unfortunately seen this far too many times before). This is the primary reason why many of our clients come to us - because they haven't yet gotten the long-term results they so desperately desire. We can totally understand you may feel a little nervous about committing to 12 months which is why we go through a 45min Deep Dive as well as our Game Plan Assessment before you commit.


We are committed to getting results with everyone we work with. For this reason, we only take on those who we are confident we can genuinely help. In the unlikely scenario that there are no improvements seen (either objectively or subjectively) within your first 12 weeks with us, you have the ability to cancel the remainder of the contract and walk away. We would also of course, refer you on in this scenario to ensure you receive the support you need.

Why is there a Strength + Conditioning component to your Rehab program? Do I have to do that part too? 

Strength and Conditioning builds resilience and the scientific evidence is clear that building a strong, resilient body through Strength and Conditioning is essential to preventing further/repeat injury long-term. Without this component to our program, we see clients fall into the vicious cycle of getting out of pain and then getting re-injured. We are here to break that cycle and fix you not just for now, but for life.

Do we get any Merch when we join? 

Do you offer A discount if I pay upfront for the 12 months?

We sure do!

What if I don't have the money right now?

We have payment plans available for those who are ready to join the Program now, but don't have the funds to pay it all upfront.

If I love the program, can I continue on past the 12 month mark?

Absolutely! We will discuss with you at the 11 month mark that your first year with us is almost complete. You then have the option to continue into our Performance Program if you're loving your results and wish to continue your journey with us.

Biz Mentorship

How do I know if this is right for me?

We get that investing in a Biz Coach is a big decision, which is why we don't just let anyone in. The best way to tell if it's right for you is to fill out this form and from there, we jump on a call to discuss your individual situation to see if this is right for you! P.S. You can book that HERE.

What's the difference between GROW and SCALE?

GROW is designed for the early starter or newbie to business or for those who are struggling to achieve and maintain a full client list. Here we focus on lead generation, sales and retention strategies to make sure that you turn your side hustle into a thriving business with consistent income. This is the most important first step in building a strong business with solid foundations and has been designed for the coach who likely has never had a business coach before but knows they need help!

SCALE is for those who are at, or near, full capacity and are ready to automate, hire and outsource! Here we focus on how you can stop trading time for money through scaling and automations and how to manage a team (so you can spend more time doing the things you love). Let's face it - no one got into business to be bogged down by it. We get into business to create space and freedom we deserve as business owners, so let's make that happen!

How much is the investment?

Hold up! What you should really be asking is "How much money can this make me?". We aim to get all our Mentees at least a 3 x ROI (meaning you MAKE 3 x what you invest in the Mentorship). While you'll only get out what you put in, this has been achieved by many of our Biz Mentees less than halfway through the Mentorship! If you follow the process, we are confident you will achieve it too!

Do you offer payment plans?

Absolutely! If we determine you're a good fit, we will provide our recommendation of which option is best for you (GROW or SCALE). From there, if you are keen to jump on board but are unable to pay the full amount upfront, we have both monthly and weekly payment plan installment options available for you which space payments out across the duration of the Mentorship Program.

What's inside the Biz Mentee Portal?

We have over 30+ hours worth of pre-recorded content, activities, templates and workshops on everything you need to set your business up for success. This is self-paced and you have access to it for the entire time you're a part of the Biz Mentorship.

What happens on the Weekly Semi Private LIVE Group Calls?

These calls are for troubleshooting what's going on for you and what you need most RIGHT NOW. This is where you not only get to ask all of your pressing questions from the 30+ hours of content in your Portal, but is also designed for you to get the inside scoop on how other people just like you are running their businesses (and find out what is and isn't working). What we have created is a very intimate safe place where we support one another and provide advice and feedback. I can honestly say everyone is there to not only watch, but help each other succeed. These group calls are next level! We often get feedback that listening to others struggles and successes in their businesses is the best part to spark ideas in their own work! 

What if I can't make the Live Calls?

Due to the sensitive and personal information we are sharing about our businesses with one another, unfortunately we cannot record these at this time. However we do often record and upload the best bits into videos which you have exclusive access to as a Biz Mentee which can be found in the Biz Mentee Portal.

How much time will I need to assign each week to complete the Mentorship?

There is a 1 hour semi private group call each week. Outside of that, it is up to you how long you'd like to spend. My recommendation would be at least another hour each week. If you don't have 2 hrs to allocate to working ON your business (not IN it), then you should really reconsider whether running a business is right for you. This is the bare minimum to keep things moving forward!

Do I have access to a Community Group as part of the Biz Mentorship?

Of course! We have a Facebook Community just for the Biz Mentees where we post any business questions we have and can get feedback from other Mentees as well as from Zenia herself. This is also where we post our MIT (Most Important Task) for the week and hold each other accountable.

Education Mentorship


You only retain 20% of what you learn in a weekend course, and there's zero opportunities to ask questions after the day. A pilates certificate (or any other 2 day course) will never give be able to give you the confidence in your skill set that comes from time and practicing. Imagine how much better you could be in 6 months time after consistent, dedicated focus to not just learning, but implementing, tweaking and refining your skills under someone who's been doing it for almost a decade. Let me tell you from someone who employs people, that what your boss really wants (way more than just another certificate) is for you to be a confident practitioner who can get fast, meaningful results with clients.


If you've completed a degree, that's at least 4 years (and even if you haven't, you wouldn't complete a trainers course if you didn't want to stay in the industry for a while). If you are truly committed to creating a long-lasting career, anything less than 6 months is barely scratching the surface in the grand scheme of your professional life.


I am committed to getting results (and those don't come from hands off DIY courses with no access to your educator). I've seen and done A LOT of courses in my time and the ones I got the most out of were the longest in duration with the most support that I invested heavily in with both my time and money. They were worth their weight in gold and I'm STILL seeing results from courses I took like this years ago.